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From preventive dental care in Mount Holly to emergency appointments and cosmetic treatments, the team here at Purple Tooth Dental is proud to handle all of your dental health needs.

  • Preventive Care

    We all are well aware of the golden sayings "prevention is better than cure" and "it's cheaper to prevent it than to fix it." But the question is, how many parents encourage their kids to implement this in their healthcare routine? The answer is very few.

  • Sealants

    Protect against cavities: Dental Sealants help protect a child's (or even adult's) teeth from cavities by covering the top of their tooth with a "tooth-colored" plastic that makes it difficult for bacteria to remain on a tooth. As a result of the dental sealants, the bacteria cannot attack the enamel of the tooth.

  • Pulp Treatment

    During a Pulp treatment, the pulp is extracted (removed), and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly. Children need pulp treatment (also called a root canal) when a tooth is severely decayed or sometimes due to trauma. Root canal treatment requires one visit typically, but sometimes more visits are necessary.

  • Restorative Care

    Our clinic uses high-quality crowns as we don't want our patients to face any problems in the future. Dental crowns provide reliability and longevity when restoring the severely decayed tooth.

  • Braces

    A confident smile on the face of children (and adults) look impressive and appealing and it helps to bolster confidence. Our professional Purple Tooth Dentists offer braces treatment with easy-to-pay low monthly costs or discounted options.

  • Sedation Dentistry

    Some patients often feel frightened when they go for dental treatment. They think it's going to be too painful, and for some, even the sound of certain dental equipment can cause real discomfort. Purple Tooth Dentists carefully treat everyone with a 100% comfort-focused approach.

  • Emergency Dentistry

    Having a toothache, chipped or broken tooth, knocked out tooth, loose brackets and bands, or abscess are all considered common dental emergencies. Moreover, infection or inflammation related to the dental pulp comes into the same category as dental emergencies. The professionals of Purple Tooth are always here for you.

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    Other Services

    The above are just some of the dental treatment options that we offer, but we provide a full suite of services to help you maintain a healthy and happy smile. No matter what your dental needs are, the Purple team is here to help. Simply contact us for more information!

Purple is Awesome!
No matter what your dental needs are, the Purple Tooth team is here to help.